Nissei Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Nissei is intended for non-invasive measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, determination of pulse rate and calculation of pulse pressure.



  • Clinically Validated to the latest, most stringent, ESH-2010 International Protocol and recommended for Clinical and Personal use.
  • Fast operation measuring during inflation. When the arm cuff finishes inflating the result is available.
  • Controlled inflation pressure. The arm cuff only inflates to a pressure sufficient to obtain the Systolic Pressure reading, thereby avoiding discomfort caused overinflation
  • Displays result on WHO classification chart to enable easy comparison against recommended values.
  • Irregular Pulse Rhythm displayed if detected.
  • Monitor calculates and displays “Pulse Pressure”
  • 2 memory banks each saving 60 readings and averaging of the saved results.

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