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EKF Diagnostics Biosen Blood Glucose/Lactate Analyser

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The Biosen series by EKF Diagnostics, including the Biosen C-Line and Biosen S-line, is a range of glucose/lactate blood analysers, used extensively in universities, laboratories, hospitals, diabetes clinics and professional sports teams around the world.

Biosen analysers are available in three versions, each with the option of single channel (1-channel), for testing glucose or lactate, or dual channel (2-channel) for testing glucose and lactate together:

  • Biosen C-Line GP (5 sample positions)
  • Biosen C-Line Clinic (20 sample positions)
  • Biosen S-Line Lab (63 sample positions)
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The Biosen blood glucose/lactate analysers by EKF Diagnostics are market leading bench-top analysers used by universities, research centres, hospitals, diabetes clinics and professional sports teams around the world.

Simple and easy to use, Biosen blood glucose/lactate analysers have established themselves as the product of choice for most of the UK’s leading Sport Science establishments, with the devices high accuracy and dependable reliability touted as one of the main reasons customers decided to purchase their Biosen device.

Biosen S-Line and Biosen C-Line devices use special enzymatic-amperometric chip sensor technology to deliver fast results and up to 120 results per hour, with a high degree of accuracy and a low cost per test.

Due to the long life of the sensor chip (Glucose: up to 60-days/7,500 tests; Lactate: up to 50-days/6,000 tests), the system requires little maintenance.

Features such as the multi-lingual touchscreen display with step-by-step instructions and large memory (up to 1,000 results) only add to the Biosen analyser’s user-friendliness.

Requiring just a 20 μl sample, the Biosen can test blood, plasma or serum to provide glucose and lactate values with excellent precision (less than 2% CV) over a wide measurement range (Glucose: 0.5 – 50 mmol/L; Lactate: 0.5 – 40 mmol/L). Unlike other blood analyser’s, Biosen samples remain stable for up to five-days (refrigeration recommended).

All Biosen analysers are supplied with an interface to connect to hospital or lab information systems (LIS). An integrated barcode reader and printer are also available with most configurations.

Additional information


20 – 45 seconds

Results per hour


Results storage

Up to 1,000 results


< 1.5% CV


Multi-lingual with step by step instructions

Sensor Life

Glucose 60 days / 7,500 tests, Lactate 50 days / 6,000 tests

Measuring Range

Glucose 0.5–50 mmol/L (9–900 mg/dL), Lactate 0.5–40 mmol/L (5–360 mg/dL)


Biosen C-Line GP (Single Channel), Biosen C-Line GP (Dual Channel), Biosen C-Line Clinic (Single Channel), Biosen C-Line Clinic (Dual Channel), Biosen C-Line Clinic (Single Channel) with barcode scanner, Biosen C-Line Clinic (Dual Channel) with barcode scanner, Biosen S-Line Lab (Single Channel) with barcode scanner, Biosen S-Line Lab (Single Channel), Biosen S-Line Lab (Dual Channel) with barcode scanner, Biosen S-Line Lab (Dual Channel)

Shipping Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • Results in 20-45 seconds
  • Up to 120 results an hour
  • Imprecision < 1.5% CV
  • Biosen C-Line: 280 x 280 x 95 mm
  • Biosen S-Line: 440 x 340 x 168 mm
  • 5-8 kg depending on Biosen Analyser model
  • Pre-filled ‘Safe-Lock’ reaction cups eliminate manual dilution
  • Enzymatic-amperometric method using chip-sensor technology
  • Chip sensors easily exchangeable, no electrode cleaning required
  • Innovative needle and exchanger design eliminates cross contamination
  • Three calibration modes

Easy measurement

Measurement is easy and takes just three steps:

  • Collect capillary blood sample
  • Place capillary into cup and mix
  • Results are given in 20 – 45 seconds

Collect capillary blood samplePlace capillary into cup and mix


Calibration is performed automatically by the Biosen analyzer. The operator can choose from three different calibration modes:

  • at startup
  • periodic
  • time account

EKF Diagnostics provides a standard solution to calibrate the system for glucose and lactate testing.


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