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Ganshorn SpiroScout

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The Ganshorn SpiroScout offers high-precision pulmonary function testing.

Ganshorn’s unique SprioScout delivers strong performance, low consumption and easy handling, saving you time.

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The SpiroScout is a complete lung function laboratory based on the Ganshorn ultrasonic measurement. It enables the exact determination of all Spirometric parameters.

The SpiroScout is much more than just a spirometer. As the first of its kind the SpiroScout measures flow and gas density simultaneously providing information about volume and gas exchange with one single measurement.

Capnometry, Emphysema diagnostics and determination of anatomical and functional dead spaces, provide important information for a scout diagnosis of lung disorders within a few seconds. The clear statement of these parameters does not depend on the cooperation of the patients. Even small children can be tested quickly and easily.

You save time – Always prepared

The SpiroScout requires neither a warm-up period nor calibration. You save a working step, that other systems require. The SpiroScout is calibration free during day-to-day operation – a benefit bringing daily gains. You save energy. The ScoutSensor switches itself off automatically after the measurement even if the base station is left on.

  • Strong performance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy handling

The ultrasonic measuring principle

Using direct flow measurements based on digital measure techniques, substitute parameters for flow (e.g. differential pressure) are no longer necessary. Flow and gas density is calculated from the ultrasound transit-times. This allows the direct measurement of concentration changes in breathing gas (e.g. CO2) simultaneously to the breathing volume – without the necessity of any additional gas analyser.

Measurements with ultrasound are a safe and stable basis for your diagnostics and more comfort for your patients. In comparison to other equipment, there is no perceptible resistance, which can obstruct breathing which is very important for patients with pulmonary limitations.

The direct measurement method and the high resolution of 1,000 measurements per second are the preconditions for a reliable determination of all testing parameters with the highest precision.

Various options available for your SpiroScout:

  • Rhinomanometry
  • Rocc/P100/Pmax
  • Capnometry
  • Provocation

Comes with a 2 year warranty.

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